Dome Casket Building

What is a Dome Casket ?

A Dome Casket is a funeral box that is manufactured with a rounded lid. Normal Caskets have flat lids. The rounded lid of the Dome Casket can be a one or two piece lid. Dome caskets are elaborately decorated and upholstered and are classified as top of the range funeral products.

Anyone can be taught how to make Dome Caskets and become a Dome Casket Manufacturer.
To make Steel Dome caskets one needs expensive specialized machinery. The easiest Dome caskets to make is Wood Dome Caskets and Fiberglass Dome Caskets which are also in demand.

The handles that are attached to a Dome casket is quality made Dome Casket handles from the best materials available. Some Dome Casket handles are made from brass, others from wood or steel. Dome caskets are mostly made with heavy duty swing bar handles or wrap around handles.

It is certainly more difficult to make Dome Caskets than ordinary caskets; for this reason Dome Caskets are the most expensive caskets available on the market. Even though Dome Caskets are more difficult to make than ordinary Caskets, it can be done using the right tools and Casket plan.
Dome Caskets are highly sought after funeral products.

Death happens to us all one or other time. Every day, many people in South Africa die. Fact is: someone has to Manufacture Dome Caskets, Flad-Lid Caskets  or a Coffin in which the deceased will be buried. For this reason, manufacturing of Dome Caskets can provide a stable and lucrative income to any entrepreneur who is willing to learn the art of manufacturing Dome caskets. 

Dome caskets are usually trimmed so that the whole inside of the Dome Casket Lid is decorated with either Taffeta, silk or velvet in the colour as ordered by the family. Bull noses are inserted in the trimming to round of the effect.

Flat Lid caskets cater for families who wish to have a less expensive funeral box on the request of the deceased. Flat lid Caskets and some Dome Caskets are manufactured  as Halve view caskets, porthole caskets, raised halve view caskets, two tier caskets, three tier caskets, and especially with the Dome casket, a full view Casket.
All types of caskets can be bought with or without a viewing glass and casket gown.
A viewing glass is inserted in the casket so that the family can view the body or a portion of the body without having to open the complete casket lid. Flowers are usually put on the bottom halve of the casket when viewing the body.
The Dome Casket of today is affordable and stylish.